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At Deli Star, we believe that food is fuel. We proudly produce proteins that are rich in flavor, healthy, and minimally processed. Through responsible sourcing and our food science lens, we achieve the highest level of food quality and safety. Our products have a 120-180 day fresh product shelf-life without the use of any preservatives. We are committed to discovering new and better ways of innovating food products that promote healing through human nutrition.

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Deli Star’s long-standing mantra, “it’s all about the people” begins internally with a people-first culture of joy, and extends to all our partners - customers, suppliers, and the community. Grounded in our company values of being dependable, progressive, and insightful, Deli Star employs industry-best professionals. We forfeit the notion of transactional business for an embrace of collaboration.

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Food nourishes our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our spirits. The importance of food in our customers’ and partners’ lives inspires our relentless commitment to producing the safest, highest-quality protein. Eating food is joy, and trust us when we say boundless joy is in the kitchen when our chefs and food scientists come together to craft delicious, nourishing offerings just for you.

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