Deli Star Corporation Celebrates Resilience of Employees in DSCC Day Event

The event marks the anniversary of its catastrophic fire and promises investment in community

ST. LOUIS, MO, 63110, January 11, 2024 / — Deli Star Corporation, a protein manufacturing company with a thirty-seven year history in the industry, honors the third anniversary of the company-altering fire at its previous facility in Fayetteville, IL. On this day in 2021, a fire burned in the middle of the night, leaving no choice but to begin again. A core group of 25 Deli Star employees formed what was known as the “Deli Star Command Center (DSCC)” to rebuild, reenvision, and reinvent.

Mayor Tishaura Jones issued a proclamation commemorating January 11 as “DSCC Day”, honoring the resilience of the Deli Star Command Center employees and the employees who would later join. Three years later, Justin Siegel, CEO, intends to celebrate the good that comes from fire with the nearly 150 employees that work at Deli Star today during DSCC Day events at the production facility. Mayor Jones and Alderwoman Daniela Vazquez, representing the 6th ward, have been invited to attend.

“Good things can come from fire. This day is about honoring the past and recognizing the promise of the future. We honor the resilience of those who gave their time, sweat, and tears to the efforts of rebuilding, and we take responsibility for creating a better future,” says Siegel.

Since that fateful day, Deli Star has built a state-of-the-art production facility, where it has produced 23 million pounds of protein, hired over 100 new employees, increased minimum wage across the board, expanded benefits to include health and mental health services, thus promising to be an employer of choice for manufacturing in the St. Louis region.

Deli Star is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in St. Louis, and announces the promotion of Emily Zevely to Director of Community Impact to further the relationship of Deli Star with the St. Louis community. Zevely has a track record of designing programs and managing projects for nonprofit and education organizations locally and nationally, and will be responsible for Deli Star’s ESG strategy and community partnerships. Deli Star is proud to partner with St. Louis Foodbank, Saint Louis Public Schools, the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation, and St. Louis University, and looks forward to increased partnerships in the years to come.

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About Deli Star Corporation
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