The Future of Culinary Innovation

Deli Star is committed to shaping the future of the food industry. From our proprietary processes and technology to our dedication to innovation and quality, we are always creating new and delicious culinary experiences.

Food Discovery Center

Culinary Arts + Food Science

Deli Star’s Food Discovery Center is where foodservice innovation comes to life. Here, we create a unique collaborative experience that combines a variety of services under one roof. We provide guidance, support, and inspiration that chefs, food scientists, and other culinary experts need to craft unique and mouthwatering dining experiences.

  • Culinary R&D
  • Meat Manufacturing Scale-Up
  • Food Education
  • Food Nutrition
  • Food Venture
  • Foodservice

Create something unique

We believe the most remarkable creations come from remarkable collaboration. Whether it’s a custom protein masterpiece, a fresh take on a classic, or something entirely new, our team of culinary experts is ready to help bring your vision to life.

Your next culinary innovation starts here. Let’s create something together.

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Deli Star University

Deli Star University represents our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and growth. By providing our employees and partners with access to cutting-edge insights, industry trends, and specialized training, we can empower them to excel and thrive.

Deli Star University is where the future of our industry takes shape.

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Fresh Sous Vide

Deli Star’s Revel Fresh Sous Vide™ process seals in flavor for fresher and more flavorful proteins that boast an unmatched 120-day refrigerated shelf life.

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Steam Post-Pasteurization (SPP)®

Deli Star Classics and Revel Fresh Sous Vide™ stand out from other commercial protein providers through our patented Steam Post-Pasteurization (SPP)® and Fresh Sous Vide™ processes. These innovative cooking methods ensure a safe and incredibly fresh dining experience for every application.

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