Deli Star's Commitment to Community + Sustainability


Protein with Integrity champions a resilient, sustainable future by meticulously crafting the safest, highest-quality protein while minimizing waste. Collaborating closely with farmers, producers, innovation, and our manufacturing partners, we harness the bounty of the land to create nourishing offerings. Our vision extends beyond mere sustenance; we aspire to cultivate happiness, vitality, and economic prosperity for all.

We support sustainable farming & production practices.

We are committed to work with partners throughout the supply chain who care about people, land, and animals as much as we do.

We believe in a
people-first community.

Being people-first means upholding the very best practices for safety, health, and well-being. We’ve committed to donating 1% of our annual production to reduce hunger in our communities.

We take food
waste seriously.

We are working tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate landfill waste wherever possible.

If you believe your mission aligns with ours, we’d love to talk. Reach out and tell us a bit more about your idea, cause, or partnership opportunity and we’ll be in touch!

Building products for sustainable future.

Deli Star uses fresh, never-frozen proteins with an unmatched refrigerated shelf life known throughout the industry. Explore the Deli Star difference.