Fresh, Ready-to-Use Proteins

We are a team of curious food scientists and passionate culinarians leveraging our expertise to innovate fresh, never-frozen proteins. Deli Star is the B2B protein partner for more craveable sandwiches, salads, meal kits, and center-of-plate options your customers will savor.

Deli Star cooks fresh, ready-to-use proteins under vacuum using our Fresh Sous Vide™ and Steam Post Pasteurization (SPP™) processes–delivering an industry-leading refrigerated shelf life.

Our unwavering dedication to food safety and quality is evident in our impeccable track record of zero recalls. Deli Star stands for bold innovation and uncompromising integrity.

Revel Fresh Sous Vide

From prepared meals to your customers’ favorite salads, Revel Fresh Sous Vide™ brings delicious whole-muscle proteins to every kind of table.

Our chef-crafted proteins are prepared using our Fresh Sous Vide process. This proprietary cooking technique uses less water and significantly extends shelf life. Choosing Deli Star as your protein manufacturer means less waste, more meals, and more revenue for your business.

Discover how Revel Fresh Sous Vide can help streamline your back-of-house operations.

Deli Star Classics

Deli Star’s line of simply crafted, traditional deli meats offers exceptional taste and safety for foodservice and large-scale slicing and dicing operators.

Our proprietary Steam Post-Pasteurization® (SPP) process eliminates pathogens, preserves freshness, and reduces yield loss—making Deli Star the preferred commercial meat supplier.

Learn why Deli Star Classics are the perfect choice for operators serving sandwiches or cold cuts to an on-the-go customer.