Protein Experts

Your #1 provider of the safest, highest-quality protein!

Deli Star is focused on bringing chefs, scientists, and customers together to create one-of-a-kind products that are cleaner label but still maintain the long shelf-life (up to 180 days refrigerated) that Deli Star is known for.

R&D never stops! New products are continuously in the pipeline offering healthier options with less ingredients, more health claims, and longer shelf-life.

With services such as Deli Star University and Food Quest, Deli Star is not only the perfect protein solution but also a valuable partner in innovation.

Deli Star 2.2

Our brand new 110,000 ft² state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is FDA, USDA, and SQF Level III certified and ready to take on your projects!

Peace of Mind with SPP

Our Innovative SPP (Steam Post-Pasteurization) process guarantees product safety, NO Listeria or other harmful food-borne pathogens are introduced into your process or plant. It's just one more reason we are leading the industry in food safety.