Food Discovery Box:
Indian Butter Tikka Chicken

What’s in the box?

Each Food Discovery Box features a variety of Deli Star proteins in some of our favorite sample applications. 

This month, we featured Indian Butter Tikka Chicken with Naan. This dish uses a classic blend of aromatic Indian spices, tomato, and chicken to highlight the continued demand for global flavors. This sample application builds on international flavor and functional food trends.

The Indian Butter Tikka Chicken features Deli Star Seared and Sous Vide Diced Chicken Thigh protein. This product is part of our Revel Fresh Sous Vide line, featuring whole muscle with a pan-seared appearance. It presents a natural roasted flavor you’d expect in any kitchen.

Try a Food Discovery Box. It’s not just about trying new foods; it’s about discovering fresh flavors, inspiring new menu ideas, and sending you on food quests.

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Seared and Sous Vide Diced Chicken Thigh

Our fresh, never-frozen whole muscle sous vide proteins deliver a superior taste, texture, and appearance over frozen alternatives. Our diced chicken thigh has quickly become a standout product.

  • Whole muscle with a pan-seared appearance
  • 120-day refrigerated shelf-life
  • Outstanding protein for Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry or in a comforting bowl of baked Cheesy Broccoli Chicken and Rice applications

Indian Butter Tikka Chicken

The Food Discover Box includes all the ingredients you need to plate a delicious dish–

  • Naan flatbread for dipping
  • Fresh herb accents

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